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Stuart Legal Documents offers assistance to people in uncontested legal matters by preparing the necessary legal documents in accordance with local and state-wide court rules. Stuart Legal Documents is more than a document preparation service; we are registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants (formerly known as Independent Paralegals) with extensive industry experience. 

Our document preparation services consist of the following areas of law: Family Law, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Custody and Visitation, Child Support, and Order Requests and/or Modification. We can also help with Landlord/Tenant Issues; Includes 3-Day to 30-Day Notices and Evictions. Additionally, we assist clients in the Completion of Cases, Motions, and Petitions Started by Client and Remaining Incomplete and Requiring the Assistance of a Legal Document Assistant.

We are here to help you through the document preparation process. We have been there before, and our experience is an invaluable resource in your time of need. We have helped hundreds of clients in situations just like yours and treat every client as our top priority. While we are not attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advice, select legal forms for you or represent you in court; We can provide you with published factual legal and procedural information, prepare legal documents for you, file legal documents and serve legal documents to the opposing party.


What is an LDA?

A legal document assistant is your alternative to high-priced attorneys.


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From divorce, to family law, to estate planning, to small claims, we are here to help.