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Looking for a notary in San Luis Obispo County? The professional legal document assistants & notaries at Stuart Legal are here to assist. 


Our notary service for residents of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbera counties are available right now to execute your documents quickly and correctly. We offer same day appointments and most notary services take less than 15 minutes.


The State of California limits the price per notarization of a signature, so you will never pay more than $15 per notarized signature. Keep in mind though, while you may have a single document, there could be more than one place you need to sign on it, and that may require a notarization on each signature. If mobile notary services are provided (our notary travels to you), the price per signature is still $15 a notarized signature, but the State of California does allow for a “travel charge” to be added.

The Professional Benefit Of Our Notary Service In San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbera Counties

Notary publics serve an important, objective resource within the American legal system. For years, the Legal Document Assistants at Stuart Legal have been helping residents in San Luis Obispo county, Santa Barbera county and throughout California certify important legal documents. Contact Stuart Legal today for insight you can trust. Our notary team is standing by ready to notarize your documents for a flat fee, quickly. You can also schedule an appointment online here, or call us at (805) 996-0007 for questions regarding your notary.

An Overview Of Notary Services

The American legal system relies on paralegals, legal document assistants and notary publics to ensure that legal documents are verified and official. Understanding when a notary public is needed can help California residents quickly and efficiently navigate the legal system. Read on for more information on common services rendered by a notary public in San Luis Obispo.


Certificate Of Acknowledgements In San Luis Obispo, California

The certificate of acknowledgement is the form most frequently completed by the notary public.  In this document, the notary public is responsible for certifying that the signer was present before the notary public on the date indicated and in the county indicated on the certificate. They also certify the identity of the signer and that the signer acknowledges executing the document. The certificate of acknowledgement is set forth in California Civil Code section 1189.