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Looking to file for a divorce in San Luis Obispo County? Professional legal document preparation for divorce can save you costs over a traditional legal document assistant. A legal document assistant is authorized by the State of California, and bonded and registered in their respective county, to provide divorce document preparation services. From the initial petition preparation through to signing of the final divorce judgment by a family law judge in San Luis Obispo Superior Court, a legal document assistant can help.

If you are planning to file for divorce, understanding the process can help you decide if a Legal Document Assistant is a good fit for your divorce filing. In common uncontested divorces, a legal document preparation service can save time, money and still result in the same divorce judgment the traditional attorney service can file.

How A Legal Document Assistant Can Help With Your Divorce In San Luis Obispo

Legal document assistants can be a great resource for people filing divorce in San Luis Obispo. Authorized to provide divorce document preparation services directly to the public allows transparency and efficiency all while saving time and money. It is important to understand that legal document assistants providing divorce document preparation cannot provide the same services an attorney can. The biggest difference between legal document preparation services and attorneys is that we cannot provide legal advice or speak to your rights and responsibilities. We also do not represent divorce filers in court. 

If you are filing an uncontested divorce case and understand your rights then a legal document assistant may be a good fit for your document preparation. We can professionally complete your divorce documents correctly and quickly at a fraction to the costs of an attorney. California has standard divorce forms used in all 58 Counties and their respective family law courts. This means that the divorce documents are not only the same all over California, but also the same forms used regardless of who prepares them. Essentially, the divorce forms we complete for residents of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara County, are the same you would have prepared by a local divorce attorney.

Our Divorce Document Preparation In San Luis Obispo

If you have determined that a legal document assistant is right for your divorce filing we are here to help. Our divorce document preparation is more than simply completing forms. Our complete service for divorce often includes preparing your documents, filing them with the court, completing the required serve (depends on case specifics and additional charge sometimes applies), tracking your case in the court system all the way until the Judge signs your divorce judgment.

If you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to fill out your divorce documents correctly, don’t want to stand in line in an overcrowded court and want piece of mind your divorce documents will meet the standards of the court, our divorce document preparation can help you out

Our team works with exclusively on un-contested divorce filings. This includes default divorces where the other party is not responding. Commonly this could be when there is a short term marriage with no assets/ debts and no minor children. In cases where there are those issues to handle in the divorce, but the parties are in agreement, we can process a specific marital settlement agreement (stipulated judgment) to process a divorce, while still making sure our clients NEVER have to physically go to court. 

As mentioned above, every divorce filing in San Luis Obispo is different. We aim to include as many services for each client as possible. In certain situations additional fees may apply. We never surprise clients with additional fees and upon our initial call will disclose our current fee for divorce preparation services based on the information provided to us. Those fees can however change as divorce cases can sometimes change. Our goal is your satisfaction and we provide that by honest and upfront pricing combined with professional and quality divorce legal document preparation. For specific procedures, timelines and pricing, please contact our office.

Divorce Preparation – Quick View

  • We prepare your divorce documents
  • We file them at the court
  • We can serve the respondent
  • We track the case through the court
  • We aren’t done until the Judge signs