Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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When facing financial trouble, it may seem like there are few options to get back on stable financial ground. Luckily for those in trouble, the federal government had established Federal Bankruptcy courts to let citizens wipe their financial slates clean and move forward to pursue the American Dream. While many misconceptions surround the bankruptcy process, the court has a streamlined process to help bankruptcy protection seekers get from start to finish with little trouble.

For those who seem to have no other option, filing a bankruptcy petition may provide the path to get out from under mounting and debilitating debt. The federal bankruptcy courts are broken up into districts and for those looking to file a bankruptcy petition in San Luis Obispo, they can do so by way of their local court, in Ventura, CA. An added benefit for bankruptcy petition seekers, is that the bankruptcy court authorizes “Bankruptcy Petition Preparers” to aid them in seeking a full discharge of their debts.

Bankruptcy Process Overview For Those In San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara County

As mentioned above, the Federal Bankruptcy Court has its local district for filers of Santa Barbara and Ventura County located in Ventura, CA. The process for individuals filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition is fairly straight-forward as follows. Petitioners will have their petition and required attachments prepared and then file them at the Bankruptcy Court. Upon filing, the bankruptcy court clerk will issue a case number and then set a mandatory court hearing, typically about 8-12 weeks later. From there most of the process is behind the scenes at the court. They will mail notices to creditors and handle a variety of internal checks they do for each bankruptcy case. Come hearing date, the Judge will review the case file and make a determination on the bankruptcy petition. The desired end result would be an order for discharge of debts. This is the end of the process for most chapter 7 bankruptcy filers. Weeks after, copies of the order are mailed to the petitioners from the court.

Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Document Preparation In San Luis Obispo

Stuart Legal is a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer that prepares chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions for residents of San Luis Obispo, as well as Santa Barbara County. The bankruptcy petition preparer is a term issued by the Federal Bankruptcy Court. We are also bonded and registered Legal Document Assistants, which is a requirement of the State of California for those who prepare legal documents for the public.

Our flat fee process is for those who have done research and determined that they want to save money and time over the traditional bankruptcy attorney/law firm in San Luis Obispo. We complete the required chapter 7 bankruptcy petition documents quickly and accurately. We have been assisting people in San Luis Obispo file their bankruptcy cases for years and have the understanding of the federal bankruptcy forms and attachments to ensure you have a complete filing.

It is important to note that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparers serve a different purpose than bankruptcy attorneys. We cannot give legal assistance, or suggest of your legal rights and responsibilities. We do not speak for petitioners in court at their bankruptcy hearing, and importantly, we cannot determine and recommend you if you do or don’t qualify for bankruptcy. Our service is aimed at those who understand the process and their legal rights and want a professional document preparation service to help them save time and money.

Bankruptcy Document Preparation

  • We prepare your chapter 7 petition
  • You file the petition at the court
  • You receive a court date
  • You attend your hearing
  • Judge makes an order on your case