Tyler Stuart, LDA

California’s Premier Legal Document Assistants & Paralegal Services

Tyler Stuart, LDA, is the owner of Stuart Legal. He has worked in the legal industry since 2009. Mr. Stuart, LDA, holds a degree in Paralegal Studies from Purdue University and currently attends law school.

Mr. Stuart opened Stuart Legal when he realized that when it came to legal documents and the understanding of legalese, the general public has little to no knowledge and can be incredibly confusing.

Many legal issues can be solved by completing the proper legal forms without requiring an attorney or legal advice. Preparing legal documents doesn’t need to be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive; this is where Stuart Legal can help.

Stuart Legal is a registered and bonded legal document assistance company that saves you time, money, and headaches. We prepare all documents, file the documents with the appropriate governing agency, and serve the other party should the law require it. We don’t charge by the hour; one flat fee covers it all.

How We Are Different

Our primary goal is client satisfaction. Every new client is a new opportunity to serve and provide excellent document preparation services. Attention to detail and quality legal document preparation is a result of this dedication.

Experience & Consistency

We prepare a wide range of common legal documents for self spoken people. We stick to what we know, and what we can consistently provide at the highest quality. Our experience provides a level or service not easily found.

Bonded & Registered

It is California law that anyone who provides legal document preparation to the public is Bonded and Registered. We comply with this requirement, even though many do not. Be careful who you trust with your legal document preparation.